• Andrew Do

    Andrew Do

    Living Austin, TX from Tdot. Civic design @civiqueso . Advisory @digitaljustlab . Producer in quotable snark. In search of perfectly ripe & juicy mangoes.

  • Samuel Baafi Boakye

    Samuel Baafi Boakye

    Data Science Enthusiast and a Machine Learning Engineer in training at Udacity

  • Andrés García Molina

    Andrés García Molina

    Data scientist and ethnomusicologist; Tegucigalpa, Buffalo NY.

  • Kevin Gervais

    Kevin Gervais

    Founder of 3 startups. Been an entrepreneur since age 7. Learned quickly that execution is everything.

  • Matty Morgs ▲

    Matty Morgs ▲


  • Eli Kastelein

    Eli Kastelein

    Data Analyst

  • Natalia Sampietro

    Natalia Sampietro

  • MapYourProperty


    Big data visualization tools for urban planning and development

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