The Namara Marketplace vs. Google Dataset Search

Data is the key to unlocking insights. But with the velocity and variety of today’s data, it’s difficult to pinpoint what you need to achieve your unique business goals. Data adds value not because you have it, but because you use it.

Let’s walk through how to find the data you want by comparing our Namara Marketplace and Google Dataset Search searching for NOAA weather data.

And in this corner…

Google Dataset Search is a search engine that helps researchers locate online data that is freely available for use.

Let the data discovery begin

Now you’ve got data, right?

With Namara, we present data that comes straight from the source, but which is automatically updated, normalized, filterable, queryable, and ready to be integrated into your projects, workflows, and tools.

What’s your preference — useable, cleansed data, or a raw, unmapped .csv?

Just scratching the surface

In fact, 80% of a data scientist’s time is spent finding, preparing, and cleansing data — and it’s not because the custodial work the best part of the job. When you’ve got raw, messy data, it has to be normalized and standardized to suit your organizations needs. Depending on where it’s coming from and what you’re using it for, there’s a lot of time and effort involved in transforming it into a usable data asset.

The verdict?

The Namara Marketplace, as part of our entire platform, unlocks the full potential in any data by managing the entire data lifecycle for your organization.

With Namara, the data is accessible across your entire organization from a single source of truth. Role and access management make for easy collaboration and certain security.

Using data on Namara means that it exists in a dynamic environment, opening up the potential for the greatest possible access, action, and insights. Namara makes it easy to flow data into IDEs like Jupyter Notebooks or RStudio, intelligence platforms like Salesforce or Power BI, and visualization tools like Tableau or Mapbox.

Don’t just search for data, use it

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